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EMC Engineering

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Several legal directives define the requirements demanded in the various applications. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards are based on these requirements. The ever-increasing population density of components and circuitry, the extremely compact layout in vehicles and equipment, faster switching times and highest internal operating frequency, complex communication between differing systems such as Wireless-LAN, Bluetooth, CAN-Bus, etc. and the dramatic increase in interference from, for example, mobile telephones, all combine to make an exact investigation and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility essential.

Scope of our Services

EMC Engineering from the Initial Idea to Series Production.

We offer a wide range of measuring equipment and competent know-how in investigating EMC in, for example, railway equipment, image data processing, electrical tools,
vehicle electronics, electric motors, medical equipment, digital and conventional process control, weighing equipment, and many other applications.

We cover the following areas:

  • EMC Regulations and Standards
  • Design of systems, devices and circuits to comply with EMC requirements
  • Tests during the design process, including circuit optimization down to PCB level
  • Proposals on improving EMC suppression and immunity
  • Assistance in the procurement of EMC suppression technology and measuring devices
  • CE measurements and e1 / E1 approvals



Porsche Engineering and KRIWAN Testzentrum combine to offer you tailor-made solutions to your EMC projects. Our experienced team is at your disposal from the
conceptual stage through the accredited approval measurements to series production.



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Senior Manager EMC-Center
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Porsche Engineering
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Manager Sales & Marketing
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